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Beware of Stroke and Heart Health

Posted by admin Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Always keep our mouth and teeth health by brushing the teeth correctly and regularly!.

During this time we may brush teeth only to maintain cleanliness and freshness of mouth, preventing dental perforated or gum problems

But based on results of a scientist UK research, cleaning your mouth and teeth can avoid from heart attack and stroke.
"We now know that bacterial infection is one of the independent risk factor for heart disease. In other words, regardless of how fit, slim or healthy your body, chance to have a heart disease will increase if your teeth was bad, " said Professor Howard Jenkins of the University of Bristol in meeting of the UK Society for General Microbiology in Dublin.
In his research, Jenkins points out there are at least 700 types of bacteria in the human mouth. If the tooth is not cleaned regularly and properly, the bacteria will grow rapidly in mouth.
Most of the bacteria, said Jenkins was not dangerous and even essential for health. However, some of them are could trigger biological processes and cause disease in the vessel culminate in the blood of heart attack and stroke.
"Our mouth could be the dirtiest place in the body. If you have an open blood vessel due to gum bleeding, this bacteria will get the entrance way to the circulation of blood, " said Steve Kerrigan from the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin.
When entering the blood types of a certain bacteria will stick to the blood cells, called a platelet, and caused cells clod in the pipe and clog and interfere with blood flow to the heart.
"Through research we are able to successfully simulate the pressure in the blood vessel and heart and demonstrate that bacteria use different mechanisms to cause platelet integrated with and
make them truly envelop the bacteria, "said Jenkins.
This process, Jenknis said, not only will cause a condition that can trigger heart attack and stroke, but can also provide protection for the bacteria to the body's immune system and antibiotics.


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