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How to enjoy a coffee without worry of health disturbance.

Posted by admin Monday, August 3, 2009

Some people thought that the best friend at work is a cup of coffee. However, can the hypertension patients be friends with coffee while working?
Here are some tips that you can still enjoy a coffee without worry of health disturbance.
Set the dose of coffee that you drink. Most of the research reveals that drinking caffeine 300 mg or about three cups coffee per day does not give a negative effect on healthy people. Each person has a limit when drinking a coffee. For that it's good you could know the contents of your coffee consumption.
Other information about the coffee research is based on a number of coffee decaf coffee or caffeine good for those who experience Obesity, because it can increase HDL ('good' cholesterol) of 50%.
Meanwhile, for those not exactly suffering from Obesity may lower HDL cholesterol. As a result, can increase the risk of heart disease.
Did you know that every six ons consume coffee, meaning you lose the five-milligram calcium. But do not worry, this loss of calcium can be solved by adding two spoons of milik in coffee.
While the coffee mixture with alcohol, it's not good, especially for people who have heart trouble. In addition, coffee with cream mixture should also be avoided to reduce the excess calories.
Caffeine also interact with several types of drugs. For you who are consuming drugs, should consult your doctor about your coffee drink habits.


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