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Do not let stress disturb our performance.

Posted by admin Thursday, August 6, 2009

Do not let stress disturb our performance.
Simple tips:
1. Breathing.
Take a deep breath, useful to help the body & mind become relax.
2. Set the pattern of eating.
The eating pattern of high-calorie & fat, could makes the body weak &  ifunctioned not optimal
3. Exercise/Sports.
Regular exercise/sport makes our feeling more calm, more controll of our mood, and pressure more easier to overcome.
4. Sleep.
Have a well-sleep 6-8 hour each night can raise our energy to face all challenges.
5. See a bigger picture.
Do not make our jobs as a routine task, but made our jobs as a step towards to get a greater success.
6. Delegate the task.
Do not consider ourselves 'Multi-tasking '. Divided the burden will be more easily and more quickly resolved.
7. Do not look for 'Perfection'.
Perfection will only make you depressed & could not see the success that has been in the grip.
8. Celebrate.
Give a small gifts to yourself for every success that we achieve 'Goal' because it can make the 'Motivation' to continue successfully.

1 Responses to Do not let stress disturb our performance.

  1. Chloe Ling Says:
  2. Absolutely loving your tips on not letting stress disturbing our life!! Those tips are really useful!!!


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